Help with children and teenagers behavioural issues, stress management, health and lifestyle issues


Children and Teenagers

Everyday pressure of school and family life continue to be causes of stress and it is vitally important that young people are given the skills, strategies and techniques to manage their own stress levels and emotions.

Behavioural issues treated include:

Study skills, Emotional management and Stress and anxiety management strategies can also be provided.

Methods used to achieve these positive outcomes are Hypnotherapy or Suggestion therapy.

Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis as well as psychotherapy.

Suggestion therapy uses relaxation and guided visualisation.

Both methods are fun, safe and natural. Their powers of imagination are used to make changes and to experience situations differently and positively. Children are of course experts in the field of imagination!

Open Workshops and Adult Education

Open Workshops as well as in-house training are available for:

WeighLess for Life
An opportunity to use hypnotherapy to reduce weight and achieve your ideal size. Individually identify your particular issue be it quantity, food type or patterns of eating that need to change.
StressLess for Life
Get on top of your stress levels using hypnotherapy and by learning a range of self-relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques to manage your emotions and reactions.
Quit Smoking
Hypnosis helps you to quit smoking more easily, effectively and safely. Come along if you want to stop smoking or are preparing to stop. Designed for a small group and will identify and take into account individual needs.
Student Success
Motivation, concentration, effective studying skills, good memory, the ability to remain calm in exams. These Workshops offer a range of key techniques, self-focusing skills, guided visualizations and hypnotherapy to achieve these results.

These open workshops are available at various venues around Maidenhead, Marlow and Windsor (Berkshire and Buckinghamshire). WeighLess for Life is currently available with the borough Adult Education in Berkshire.

Business and Stress Management Services

Did you know absenteeism costs UK companies £12 billion a year and 13.8 million working days were lost to work-related stress, depression and anxiety in 2006/07!
(Source: Government's Health & Safety Executive)

Educational and School Services

Workshops and programmes, group or individual sessions and visits are available for Effective Learning and Study skills, Stress Management, Self Management (emotion and behaviour), Accelerated Learning methods and Exam Nerves. All can be tailored around the individual student’s needs and schools goals.

Medical Services

On site visits are available for hospitals, doctor’s surgeries and nursing homes to help with pain management, stress management, preparation for operations and recovery, and phobias (needles, hospitals etc) Anaesthesia using hypnosis has been well evidenced medically. Techniques are taught so that patients have the tools to take control of their pain and stress levels as well as the benefits of the hypnotherapy. “Well being “ sessions help with focusing on healthy thinking, healthy doing and healthy body.

Sports Excellence and Lifestyle

Whatever the sport whether golf, tennis or competition nerves, use the techniques of Olympian, international and professional sports people to enhance performance and achieve success. Activate the power of your unconscious to focus, remove blocks and release your full potential.

We have developed a new Health and Lifestyle programme which is currrently being taught in a number of centres. Please contact us for futher information.

Public Speaking and Performance

Stage, public speaking, giving presentations, artist’s block and creativity can all be enhanced using the power of your unconscious mind.